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Mr. & Mrs. Hurt | A Fun and Elegant Wedding at Chenault Vineyards

Oct 6, 2022

Though I’m sure I’ve said it before, this time carries a little extra meaning behind the words; this day was truly so special to me and a longtime coming.  I have been best friends with Becky’s sister, Alex for my whole life practically, I have know Becky since she was born and somewhere along the way we just adopted Becky into our friend group too.  In fact, I feel like I’ve had a front row seat to Becky and Michael’s entire relationship and proposal, some key moments of which occurred in my very own home.  This whirlwind of a weekend had me feeling like I was constantly moving, as we started the process of transitioning to our new house in Nashville and came back to Kentucky for all the wedding festivities.  I actually got to be even more involved than usual, as Becky was kind enough to ask my sweet Mia Grace to be her flower girl, quite possibly the biggest role of her life so far!   Still, all of this going and going with a packed schedule was the best kind of moving– us moving into our new house to make it a home and Becky and Michael moving forward in marriage, the next beautiful step in their relationship.  Chenault Vineyards was the perfect setting for this celebration and its beauty never gets old. 

I started out the day early with the girls getting ready at Becky’s house, as I mentioned at this wedding I was more than just a photographer and had to be there bright and early to get Mia and myself ready.  This was a nice change, and actually a gift as I got to take my time with details really letting creativity flow and even have my daughter, Mia, get to see Mommy at work and take a turn with the camera herself.  She was soaking up all the attention and pampering like a little sponge, loving every second!!!  Watching the glow in Becky’s niece, Aspen’s eyes as she soaked in this day was just as special as watching my little girl have the time of her life. Aspen holds such a special place in my heart, as she was our friend group first baby. We all have had a front row seat in this beautiful girls life. Aspen has grown into such a stunning young lady and seeing the emotion and joy though her eyes for Becky was a treat in itself. We headed to the Vineyards in style, all getting to enjoy the luxury of riding in a limo.  Mia was taking her role as a flower girl to also include “DJ” and “hype girl” all in one, exclaiming, “Everybody Scream!!!” While Aspen, Alex and Becky were showing us all the moves and raps and everyone dancing the entirety of the limo ride, serving as entertainment for all of us. 

Meanwhile at the venue Michael was getting ready with the guys and getting more nervous, yet ready to see Becky with every passing second.  When Alex, Becky’s sister came in to bring him some gifts and letters he would need, she started tearing up just seeing him.  After some fun getting ready moments with the guys he got to open a very special gift from Becky.  Meanwhile, she was slipping into her dress in the elegant bridal suite Chenault now offers with help of her Mom, who is also like another Mom to me!  The dress was so flattering on Becky,  complete with a mermaid bodice and flared skirt. 

Finally it was time for the first look Michael had been anxiously looking forward to all day.  We set him in place under the covered walkway featuring luscious greenery laced framing the wooden awning and twinkle lights.  Becky started making her way around the corner but paused as waterworks ensued and she had to take a moment to compose herself with all the emotions this moment held.  Michael caught his breath as her footsteps resumed and they finally got to share their moment.  This was one of the more emotional first looks I’ve captured in a while, but it was as though it was filled with quiet emotion and sentiments.  Michael and Becky had chosen to read their vows to each other, but I offered to give them privacy for this moment and they accepted, continuing to soak up the feelings.   It was time for portraits after that and we had the perfect glow and weather for this day!  Becky seemed to carry an effortless beauty, and calming presence throughout the day, again just serenity she and Michael seemed to share.  This is exactly the kind of day I would’ve hoped for for my friend, and I got my own reminders of goodness in the form of butterflies.  If you know me, you know I love butterflies and often see them on wedding days and special moments in my life, which is always a good sign to me.  Well this day was no exception, rather there was an abundance of butterflies fluttering around in portraits and other parts of the day.  From there we went into bridal party photos, where the vision and slate blue colors the couple picked shined, all coming together perfectly with the scenery.  

The next part of this day was the ceremony, so everyone made their way to the point location where it would take place.  I never get over this view despite the numerous weddings I’ve photographed here.  Everyone took their seats and places and turned to watch every member of the bridal party, then eventually Becky and her dad make their way up the winding path beside the beautiful green vines. I have to insert here how proud I am of Mia for being the best and most enthusiastic flower girl – she did so well and tossed her petals with class and a little bit of sass.  When Becky approached the aisle more emotions arose once again and was just a hint at the beautiful ceremony that was about to unfold.  The tears in Alex’s eyes and the comfort Aspen gave her melted my heart knowing how special of a moment it was for their entire family. The ceremony was officiated by Becky’s youth pastor from her childhood, who she now gets to serve with by working with the youth group at her church.  This was a special connection and even more importantly, this ceremony honored the Lord as Michael and Becky invited Him into their marriage as they had at every other stage of their relationship.  

We had to take advantage of the epic view the point offers of rolling hills and Kentucky farmland before making our way to the reception space.  After the sweet wedding party entered, they transitioned into what is probably the most epic first dance I’ve seen.  This included a smoke machine that turned the dance floor into waves of smoke.  Then they went out with a bang in the form of cold sparklers – I’ve photographed these before and they are such a cool, unique touch, plus Becky’s dance experience made this even better!  The rest of the night included touching speeches from Becky’s Dad, sister and Michael’s best man, wonderful food (quite possibly one of the best meals I have had at a wedding), and a true celebratory atmosphere.  Becky’s friends kept the party going on the dance floor and I even got to participate and trade in my camera for my dancing shoes for a bit!  I let Lauren, my amazing second shooter, take charge for this part of the reception as I had planned to enjoy and dance with my friends and family, since this was a special wedding for me.  I loved joining our friends on the dance floor and so did Mia as she continued to bust out moves I didn’t even know she had up her sleeve, showing off another fun side of her personality and continuing to be truly in her element, maybe more than I’d ever seen her!!  Becky’s sister Alex also busted out her signature pose in the splits on the dance floor, which is a staple of our friend group photos.  It was such a great night and exactly the showering of love and joy this couple deserved!

Michael and Becky, thank you for choosing me to capture this amazing day for you all!! This beautiful, effortless day was exactly what I’d wish for for you all and I’m glad I got to be a part of it in so many ways.  I’ve loved sitting front row to your relationship/story, and now marriage.  Please enjoy a few of my favorites!!

This amazing day would not have been possible without this incredible team of vendors!

Dress Store | Vivi’s Bridal

Ceremony/ Reception Venue | Chenault Vineyards

Hair | Nicole Tackett owner of Elsewhere Salon

Makeup | Stacie McWilliams

Florist | A Little Southern Class Florist & Gifts

Wedding Planner | Stacie Settle at Chenault Vineyard

Videographer | Stuart Rose at Kentucky Rose Media

DJ | Bucklers Entertainment

Cake | Sweet Lilu’s

Catering | Chenault Vineyards

Groom/ Groomsmen Attire | Cuff to Collar



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